Learning Disabilities: ClinicalTrials.gov

Learning Disabilities: ClinicalTrials.gov

The background and living conditions that may promote secondary learning disabilities are:

  • Child followed in SESSAD (Specialised education service at home)
  • Child not knowing how to answer the questions asked
  • Child with a known etiology causing learning disabilities (epilepsy, autism spectrum disorder, hearing impairment, visual impairment (deafness, blindness, low vision)
  • Child on treatment (antiepileptic, neuroleptic, antidepressant, anxiolytic)
  • Child under the care of a psychiatrist,
  • Child followed by the CMP (Centre médico-psychologique)
  • Child living in an institution,
  • Adopted child
  • A child whose mother has experienced known depression during the child's early childhood (0-18 months) because it causes attachment disorders, which can impact the child's development, including learning
  • Child of a family that has lived through more than two family recompositions
  • Child known to be a victim of abuse
  • Out of school child
  • Child with a known intellectual disability (Wisc)
  • Child in IME (Institut Médico Educatif)
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